Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 2.6.5 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-2707] - SRS name isn't updated after CRS reprojection
  • [GEOT-2708] - SRS name isn't encoded for complex types from property data store
  • [GEOT-2709] - srsDimension isn't encoded for SRS information


  • [GEOT-200] - SVG Symbols not getting rendered
  • [GEOT-1854] - SVNdump cleanup: remove the imagemosaicJDBC module
  • [GEOT-2838] - SLDTransformer forgets ColorMap's type attribute
  • [GEOT-3065] - Complex features support for xs:any attribute (e.g. om:AnyOrReferenceType)
  • [GEOT-3090] - some can't be found by Processors.createProcess
  • [GEOT-3095] - gml:id aren't encoded for non-feature types
  • [GEOT-3096] - DuplicatingStyleVisitor ignores that Geometry can be any Expression and only copies simple Property-Expressions
  • [GEOT-3098] - RasterToVectorFactory OUTSIDE parameter has wrong type
  • [GEOT-3103] - Failure to update attributes migth occur when epxosing primary keys as columns
  • [GEOT-3110] - OnlineTest refactoring
  • [GEOT-3113] - Improve background values array creation when background value is not specified
  • [GEOT-3117] - FontCache reset can throw a NPE
  • [GEOT-3119] - Unable to create svg graphic that contains width/height with px units
  • [GEOT-3129] - Swing module, DnDList bug
  • [GEOT-3140] - Build failure in AppSchemaConfigurationTest on Windows
  • [GEOT-3143] - FeatureTypes.getAncestors will not terminate if a FeatureType has a getSuper() that is not also a FeatureType
  • [GEOT-3156] - Filtering multi-valued properties of nested features doesn't work
  • [GEOT-3165] - TextSymbolizer2 features were forgotten in SLDTransformer and DuplicatingStyleVisitor (Tests and Patches included)
  • [GEOT-3167] - Build failure in demo gt-example caused by gt-process API change
  • [GEOT-3174] - Unable to perform spatial query (BBOX param) on complex features - Axis ordering, transformation of filter failing
  • [GEOT-3183] - Complex feature properties are encoded in the wrong order
  • [GEOT-3186] - BufferUnderflow happens when reading the last point in a POINTZ or POINTM shapefile
  • [GEOT-3190] - JDBCDataStore iterators violate the FeatureIterator contract
  • [GEOT-3192] - WMSMapLayer#reference(GeneralEnvelope) mixes up ordinate order.
  • [GEOT-3228] - gsml:BoreholeCollar location property being encoded twice with patch from GEOT-3183


  • [GEOT-1376] - Problems with Umlauts in WFS-Filter
  • [GEOT-1981] - H2 tests shoudl use OnlineTest framework
  • [GEOT-2979] - Add getter for extension property to WorldImageReader
  • [GEOT-3007] - Extend VectorToRasterProcess options
  • [GEOT-3097] - Recode function as per SE 1.1 spec
  • [GEOT-3099] - Option for RasterToVectorFactory to ignore 'inside' edges
  • [GEOT-3100] - feature values from RasterToVectorProcess
  • [GEOT-3114] - Reorganize and formalize sphinx doc generation
  • [GEOT-3116] - Upgrade EPSG database to version 7.5
  • [GEOT-3130] - DataUtilities test for size()
  • [GEOT-3134] - Userguide weblink to documentation and about is broken
  • [GEOT-3152] - Make the renderer DPI parameter act on symbol sizes as well
  • [GEOT-3230] - Avoid NPEs when FeatureComparators.Name hits a null value that it should compare

New Feature

  • [GEOT-2964] - Support UOM in the rendering process (a.k.a. variable size symbolizers)
  • [GEOT-3120] - Allows stores to use the existing feature id instead of generating a new one
  • [GEOT-3154] - Plotting geometry objects with jfreechart


  • [GEOT-2965] - Remove widgets-swing and widgets-swing-pending modules

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