Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 2.6.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-382] - StyleBuilder.LINE_CAP_ROUND
  • [GEOT-664] - Arabic problems for DbaseFileWriter
  • [GEOT-2689] - Geotools cannot read DBF but GVSig can
  • [GEOT-2765] - Query rows with empty geometries produce exception
  • [GEOT-2874] - The cql parser should throw an exception if an invalid compound identifier is found
  • [GEOT-2966] - SelectionLab selects additional, incorrect features
  • [GEOT-2967] - Access Restriction Exception due to the use of sun.misc.BASE64Encoder
  • [GEOT-2974] - Shapefile: Storing counter clock wise polygons does not work - reverseRing() incorrect
  • [GEOT-2977] - org.geotools.process.impl.SingleProcessFactory#checkName(Name name) returns always true unless name is null
  • [GEOT-2986] - RastertoVectorProcess doesn't update progress listener properly
  • [GEOT-2991] - Setting username and password will trigger a connection already open IOException.
  • [GEOT-2992] - WFS authorization fails with basic auth
  • [GEOT-2995] - Problems displaying shapefile and WMS layer together
  • [GEOT-3002] - JMapPane crashes if zoom tool is used after removing all layers
  • [GEOT-3003] - JMapPane reset action fails to show all layers
  • [GEOT-3004] - CQL BBOX Round Trip


  • [GEOT-1238] - StreamingRenderer over-generalizes geometries
  • [GEOT-2305] - Patch: Support for DIMENSION and EXTEND in WMSCapabilities
  • [GEOT-2882] - "Expose primary keys" is not provided as a factory property in JDBC data stores
  • [GEOT-2960] - make "env" function lookups case-insensitive
  • [GEOT-2971] - Geotools coverage io addition for EnviHdr files
  • [GEOT-2980] - RasterToVectorProcess bounds parameter should be org.opengis.geometry.Envelope
  • [GEOT-2982] - All META-INF/services files should have a terminating newline
  • [GEOT-2983] - Improve mosaic management when requesting very small area where no granule data is available
  • [GEOT-2985] - JDataStoreWizard is ugly when there are many connection parameters
  • [GEOT-2997] - FeatureTypes.getFieldLength improvements
  • [GEOT-3000] - Add support for the Robinson projection
  • [GEOT-3006] - VectorToRasterProcess bounds parameter should be a GeoAPI Envelope

New Feature

  • [GEOT-3008] - Add JUnit 4 support for online tests

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