Release Notes - Maven (moved to ASF) - Version 3.0-alpha-7 - Text format


  • [MNG-2281] - 1.0-beta-3 should be < 1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • [MNG-3297] - maven should not give dependencies to plugins that don't @requireDependencyResolution
  • [MNG-4522] - Maven3 doesn't fail build when a pom from transitive dependency can't be found
  • [MNG-4526] - [regression] Shade plugin includes too much (relative to 2.2.1)
  • [MNG-4528] - [regression] mvn deploy ignores proxy settings
  • [MNG-4529] - maven fails on IBM JDK 1.5.0 with exception IllegalAccessException: Field is final
  • [MNG-4536] - Long build time - enforcer running too many times
  • [MNG-4542] - StringSearchModelInterpolator concurrency problem
  • [MNG-4543] - Cleanup tmp files created by DefaultWagonManager
  • [MNG-4544] - Concurrent access to Maven internals involving active component collections is not thread-safe
  • [MNG-4553] - Plugins artifact filtering should use full Artifact identification instead only ArtifactId
  • [MNG-4554] - [regression] plugin updates are requested on every build regardless of policies
  • [MNG-4561] - [regression] network settings are not applied to repositories from plugin dependencies
  • [MNG-4562] - [regression] UnsupportedOperationException with Maven AndromMDA plugin
  • [MNG-4564] - Location (and name) for settings-security.xml has changed in Maven 3
  • [MNG-4570] - [regression] User/pass from settings.xml is not used during site:deploy
  • [MNG-4571] - mvn deploy -DaltDeploymentRepository errors out
  • [MNG-4574] - [regression] invoker:install uses wrong local repo path when settings.xml contains wildcard mirror
  • [MNG-4644] - Misplaced text contents in root element of POM is not rejected by parser


  • [MNG-3168] - Correct error message when project descriptor not found
  • [MNG-4098] - increase concurrency of parallel downloads
  • [MNG-4432] - reimplement parallel artifacts download
  • [MNG-4464] - Improve handling of relative paths with backslashes

New Feature

  • [MNG-1144] - List 2 or more maven goals in the <defaultGoal> of the POM.


  • [MNG-4541] - Extend class realm manager delegate to allow conditional behavior


  • [MNG-4534] - implement a preferred order for POM elements

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