Release Notes - Maven (moved to ASF) - Version 3.0-alpha-6 - Text format


  • [MNG-2110] - ArtifactRepositoryLayout isn't extensible
  • [MNG-3266] - maven-model RepositoryBase overrides equals() but not hashCode()
  • [MNG-3610] - Endless loop with relocation jtds:jtds
  • [MNG-4200] - Build fails on system without svn client
  • [MNG-4379] - Properties defined in parent POM and used in systemPath element cause POM validation warnings and dependencies ignoration - compilation error
  • [MNG-4465] - [regression] can't run mvn help:effective-settings when offline
  • [MNG-4466] - Plugin Metaversion Compatibility
  • [MNG-4469] - [regression] deploy:deploy-file fails with secured repository
  • [MNG-4470] - [regression] Proxies are ignored during artifact deployment
  • [MNG-4472] - [regression] Circular self-referential POM causes network access
  • [MNG-4474] - [regression] Wagon manager does not respect instantiation strategy of wagons
  • [MNG-4475] - Transitive Dependency Resolution silently fails if parent pom cannot be retrieved from repository
  • [MNG-4482] - [regression] command line option "-update-snapshots" does not work for plugins/extensions
  • [MNG-4488] - [regression] Parent POMs resolved from repository are validated in strict mode
  • [MNG-4489] - [regression] Mirror/proxy/auth does not apply to repositories discovered in POMs of build extensions
  • [MNG-4495] - mvnUpdate attempts to use a non-existent .cd directory
  • [MNG-4500] - [regression] Maven checks for updates of timestamped snapshots
  • [MNG-4509] - MAVEN_DEBUG_OPTS in mvnDebug.bat is set at the wrong place
  • [MNG-4510] - NoSuchMethodError when using Maven 3
  • [MNG-4511] - API incompatibility in MavenProjectBuilder (Maven-3)
  • [MNG-4512] - [regression] Profile activation based on JDK version range fails if current version is close to range boundary
  • [MNG-4518] - Profile activation based on JRE version misbehaves if java.version has build number


  • [MNG-2546] - Allow plugin executions in the "super-init" phase before reactor sorting of modules build order
  • [MNG-3648] - Maven is too verbose in its output, obscuring actual messages
  • [MNG-4492] - Integration test MNG1830 fails with GIT based forks
  • [MNG-4494] - Custom repository layout should be able to participate in repository instance creation
  • [MNG-4498] - Don't fail dependency resolution if one remote repo's metadata is broken


  • [MNG-1086] - Use the embedder in Maven's integration tests
  • [MNG-3902] - Remove visibility MavenProjectBuilder#buildStandaloneSuperProject

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