Release Notes - Maven Doxia (moved to ASF) - Version 1.1.3 - Text format


  • [DOXIA-370] - Confluence module cannot parse horizontal separator
  • [DOXIA-374] - Xdoc: tables without "border" attribute get a border
  • [DOXIA-379] - Regression: title block isn't parsed in APT file if comment is present before it
  • [DOXIA-382] - Sink cannot be reused after parsing with ConfluenceParser
  • [DOXIA-384] - Including a DTD reference in a <source> element results in a SAXParseException
  • [DOXIA-385] - Xdoc: tables without "align" attribute is center aligned
  • [DOXIA-390] - Validation logic is not correct


  • [DOXIA-376] - FO: add periods to numbered lists
  • [DOXIA-392] - Switch off xml validation by default


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