Release Notes - Maven Doxia (moved to ASF) - Version 1.1.2 - Text format


  • [DOXIA-338] - Section numbering and links
  • [DOXIA-343] - FO: links broken if link target contains dot
  • [DOXIA-353] - IText sink: Definition Lists are not formatted correctly
  • [DOXIA-357] - FO: NoSuchElementException with a table caption
  • [DOXIA-359] - Xdoc parser doesnt make the difference for <title/>
  • [DOXIA-360] - Unable to specify table cell/row alignment
  • [DOXIA-362] - Entities in attribute values are not escaped
  • [DOXIA-363] - FO: Nested tables are not allowed
  • [DOXIA-364] - Guarantee the state of sinks and parsers impl
  • [DOXIA-366] - Wrong TOC when styles


  • [DOXIA-358] - avoid to store in memory the full generated FO document when only table content is needed

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