Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.3.4 (Beta) - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-1755] - Duplicate build definition template name is allowed
  • [CONTINUUM-2163] - Getting an Unrecognised tag: 'scmResult' error when upgrading from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 and 1.3.3-SNAPSHOT using data management tool
  • [CONTINUUM-2177] - NPE when building some projects in build agent
  • [CONTINUUM-2194] - unable to backup/restore users database from Redback 1.2 using data management CLI
  • [CONTINUUM-2195] - adding a new schedule does not work on first activation
  • [CONTINUUM-2204] - Continuum occasionally failing with "too many open files" after upgrade
  • [CONTINUUM-2205] - occasional NullPointerException on httpError page
  • [CONTINUUM-2208] - group scm updates make builds look like they are not queued
  • [CONTINUUM-2228] - Edit Project Group Summary Removes Local Repository
  • [CONTINUUM-2236] - Not allowed a schedule is shared by BuildDefinition and PurgeConfiguration
  • [CONTINUUM-2240] - Passwords are exposed in request log
  • [CONTINUUM-2246] - Release profile not respected during release perform even if it is enabled
  • [CONTINUUM-2248] - Stacktrace error for invalid URL
  • [CONTINUUM-2250] - Build Environment error message is displayed on the first accessed page
  • [CONTINUUM-2253] - Scm Root Url created is incorrect when readding a subproject that has been previously deleted in a group
  • [CONTINUUM-2256] - Failed in release prepare "GenerateReactorProjectsPhase" if local repository has spaces in it
  • [CONTINUUM-2257] - Release arguments missing
  • [CONTINUUM-2259] - Project can still be added in the prepare build queue even if it's already preparing build or in the prepare build queue itself
  • [CONTINUUM-2261] - NPE in check working directory action
  • [CONTINUUM-2272] - Able to add secured projects without credentials
  • [CONTINUUM-2281] - Same Recipiant will be added several times in Notification
  • [CONTINUUM-2288] - Association with build queues are deleted if temporal enable distributebuild and edit the schedule
  • [CONTINUUM-2290] - Values of Project Name and Triggered By of the Project Release Summary page when View Output link is clicked
  • [CONTINUUM-2295] - Getting NPE when trying to check if project should build or not
  • [CONTINUUM-2298] - upgrade Jetty bundles to Jetty 6.1.19 and JSP 2.1
  • [CONTINUUM-2299] - missing appenders in log4j configuration
  • [CONTINUUM-2300] - upgrade to slf4j 1.5.8
  • [CONTINUUM-2301] - unify stdout/err logging in Jetty bundles
  • [CONTINUUM-2303] - All projects in a group are added in the build queue if they are 'NEW' even if you try to build selected projects only.
  • [CONTINUUM-2314] - Password is printed in logs in clear text when adding a project fails
  • [CONTINUUM-2315] - Intermittent double builds in projects
  • [CONTINUUM-2316] - Incorrect link to build environments in Understanding Distributed Builds (Setup section)
  • [CONTINUUM-2317] - Unable to build some projects in build agent
  • [CONTINUUM-2320] - NPE encountered while checking if project is in build queue using distributed build
  • [CONTINUUM-2327] - Getting 'not authorized' message after logging in
  • [CONTINUUM-2328] - Error message in project group summary page still shows in the project groups page.
  • [CONTINUUM-2329] - Error message when clicking the release button is not showing in the project group summary page
  • [CONTINUUM-2340] - Locale selection is broken
  • [CONTINUUM-2344] - Localization updates
  • [CONTINUUM-2484] - Standalone installation: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.continuum.web.startup.ContinuumStartup


  • [CONTINUUM-2141] - Upgrade Modello to latest version so the model will be in java 5 format
  • [CONTINUUM-2190] - hitting / on a distributed build agent brings up "Hello World"
  • [CONTINUUM-2199] - parallel build queue to schedule mapping is unclear
  • [CONTINUUM-2229] - Update the status icon of the project when it is added in build-prepare-queue
  • [CONTINUUM-2260] - missing audit log in some actions
  • [CONTINUUM-2273] - Improve performance on the group summary page
  • [CONTINUUM-2284] - Performance Improvements
  • [CONTINUUM-2307] - Update the documentation on log files
  • [CONTINUUM-2326] - Add documentation for releasing using distributed builds
  • [CONTINUUM-2332] - Generate separate source distribution for Continuum Build Agent


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