Release Notes - Maven Eclipse Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.7 - HTML format


  • [MECLIPSE-451] - EJB projects are not correctly referenced in .component
  • [MECLIPSE-455] - Invalid dependent module archive name for EJB artifact
  • [MECLIPSE-538] - Ajdt support needs to include*.aj on the classpath.
  • [MECLIPSE-546] - Aspectj libraries are included if using the aspectj jars from the springsource bundle repository
  • [MECLIPSE-551] - [regression] Resources are excluded if resource dir equals source dir
  • [MECLIPSE-553] - Maven Eciipse Plugin 2.6 excludes *.aj files from src/main/java


  • [MECLIPSE-327] - Improve documentation for options
  • [MECLIPSE-545] - Site documentation needs to be added to show how to use ajdt.
  • [MECLIPSE-547] - Maven Eclipse plugin 2.6 with AJDT changes are not backwards compatible.

New Feature

  • [MECLIPSE-104] - Add the ability to specify source inclusions/exclusions

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