Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 2.5.5 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-344] - ShapefileDataStore cannot properly read sparse shapefiles
  • [GEOT-1917] - Build failures on jdk 1.6
  • [GEOT-2213] - Make TTFMarkFactory more tolerant to windows charmap reported codes
  • [GEOT-2221] - minor bug in ShpFiles.getStorageFile
  • [GEOT-2371] - JDBCDataStore geometry updates using prepared statements fail
  • [GEOT-2388] - ShapefileDataStore createSchema method dies on when creating prj file for some CRS
  • [GEOT-2390] - java.lang.RuntimeException: Shouldnt happen!: Unnkown SeCoordSys type
  • [GEOT-2396] - Allow PropertyIsLike to ignore case
  • [GEOT-2397] - MosaicIndexBuilder doesn't properly handle images having BogusColorSpace as ComponentColorModel's ColorSpace
  • [GEOT-2403] - SimpleFeatureImpl inconsistency between getProperty and getDefaultGeometryProperty
  • [GEOT-2406] - StreamingRenderer does not honor the maxFilter hint
  • [GEOT-2407] - FilterDOMParser builds case insensitive PropertyIsNotEqualTo filters
  • [GEOT-2410] - OGC Filter parser won't parse unit of measure
  • [GEOT-2417] - coverageName is truncated when gdal plugin imports datasets having filenames containing several dots.
  • [GEOT-2418] - DirectoryDataStore wrapping is preventing ShapefileRenderer to kick in
  • [GEOT-2429] - Cannot prevent decimation in StreamingRenderer
  • [GEOT-2432] - ArcSDE rasters are shifted
  • [GEOT-2438] - Infinite loop while rendering curved labels with certain fonts
  • [GEOT-2459] - JDBC-NG prepared statement path throws exception if there is no native SRID
  • [GEOT-2460] - DefaultFactoryTest.testFind is not properly isolated from other tests, results in failures in Java 6
  • [GEOT-2461] - PolarStereographic and Orthographic do call static doubleValue() method whose binding is ambigous
  • [GEOT-2462] - Build OOM's on Java 6
  • [GEOT-2464] - Validation (extensions) depends on directory data store (unsupported) breaking a build that does not include unsupported modules
  • [GEOT-2908] - Geotools Operations do not support optional grids


  • [GEOT-1868] - Ability to change the threshold for the goodness fit algorithm for polygon labels
  • [GEOT-1963] - Base JDBC datastore factory should allow minimal control over the connection pool
  • [GEOT-2113] - ImageMosaicReader is using deprecated methods from ImageWorker
  • [GEOT-2330] - Ability to turn on/off TextSymbolizer "left-to-right" aligning feature
  • [GEOT-2395] - Ability to set WMS timeout
  • [GEOT-2401] - IndexedFidReader reads the index file inefficiently
  • [GEOT-2421] - Add hints for datastore level generalization
  • [GEOT-2431] - ForceCoordinateSystemFeatureResults does not force the crs in the returned bounds
  • [GEOT-2433] - Add number formatting function
  • [GEOT-2437] - Allow label conflict resolution to be turned off for selected symbolizers
  • [GEOT-2445] - Add pom maven-resources-plugin configuration to set encoding to UTF-8
  • [GEOT-2453] - Making SingleConnectionDataSource SDK 6.0 ready
  • [GEOT-2454] - Adding bindings for parsing surfaces

New Feature

  • [GEOT-139] - Support custom/parameterized glyphs
  • [GEOT-2449] - Add a function exposing Converters facility to filters and SLD


  • [GEOT-2412] - set 1-bit arcsde rasters no-data pixels to 0x00

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