Release Notes - IzPack - Version 4.2.1 - HTML format


  • [IZPACK-165] - The value of the encoding attribute of <res> element is ignored
  • [IZPACK-166] - VariableSubstitutor.substitute(Reader, Writer, String) method Ignore BOM of UTF-8
  • [IZPACK-195] - Packs checkboxs do not work after "previous" to the PacksPanel from the next panel
  • [IZPACK-212] - First non-latin character sometimes missing
  • [IZPACK-223] - TreePacksPanel does not pay attention to "selected" attribute in auto install mode
  • [IZPACK-230] - does not terminate if <installerrequirements> are not fulfilled
  • [IZPACK-239] - NullPointerException in LocalDatabase & enabling quoting placeholders
  • [IZPACK-244] - build.xml does not copy ShellLink_x64.dll
  • [IZPACK-248] - IsPortValidator requires ports to be < 32000
  • [IZPACK-249] - izpack-standalone-compiler does not have all needed classes
  • [IZPACK-256] - Vista shortcuts bug workaround
  • [IZPACK-260] - Relative directories starting with ".." will not be recognized as relative this throws NullPointer Exception during installation
  • [IZPACK-261] - izpack2app - __file__ variable not found
  • [IZPACK-262] - Conditions on panels are not respected on automated installation
  • [IZPACK-264] - Capitalization leads to ClassNotFound exception in when using XOr condition
  • [IZPACK-265] - Installation of loose pack throws EndOfFileException
  • [IZPACK-269] - Java process is not existing correctly if installer requirement feature is used
  • [IZPACK-271] - The same help is displayed on each UserInputPanel
  • [IZPACK-272] - Conditions not working correctly with backreferenced files
  • [IZPACK-273] - Loose pack only create direcotry structure on linux
  • [IZPACK-275] - CompilerConfig fails retrieving the IzPack home directory
  • [IZPACK-276] - Librarian cleanup calls System.exit()
  • [IZPACK-281] - Creation of Web Installers throws an exception
  • [IZPACK-283] - UserinputPanel stores wrong data in autoinstall.xml


  • [IZPACK-217] - with <run-privileged/>, always asks for user account on winxp even if user is an administrator
  • [IZPACK-226] - Option not the merge panel jar at compile time since it can be done by <jar> tag instead
  • [IZPACK-227] - Adding PanelId to the AutoInstall.Xml
  • [IZPACK-228] - upgrade to izpack 4.2.1 when release to pick up IZPACK-226
  • [IZPACK-231] - Reformat and upgrading Galician langpack
  • [IZPACK-238] - Installation will be treated as successfull even if a process in the ProcessPanel returns a boolean value of false
  • [IZPACK-259] - On UserInputPanel only the LocaleDatabase form userInputLang.xml resource is available
  • [IZPACK-282] - Make the privileges escalation configurable through conditions
  • [IZPACK-286] - Fixes for Italian translation

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