Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.3.2 (Beta) - HTML format



  • [CONTINUUM-1503] - scm release tag default should match what the release plugin uses
  • [CONTINUUM-1504] - when autoVersionSubmodules=true is defined in the pom for the release plugin, the release prepare screen should not show or allow changing of child project versions
  • [CONTINUUM-1505] - release perform page does not use defaults specified in pom for release plugin for goals and useReleaseProfile
  • [CONTINUUM-1787] - cannot delete a project, constraint violation
  • [CONTINUUM-1813] - deleting projects not working if build-results exist
  • [CONTINUUM-1887] - Release rollback hangs when the release failed at the scm-check-modifications phase
  • [CONTINUUM-1909] - login and password ignored in checkout operation
  • [CONTINUUM-1918] - Username and Password should be optional on project release form (Subversion projects)
  • [CONTINUUM-1972] - Error attempting to delete project group
  • [CONTINUUM-2015] - Deleting Purge Configuration doesn't ask for confirmation upon deletion
  • [CONTINUUM-2038] - Some dojo js files are missing
  • [CONTINUUM-2047] - Can't edit or delete PROJECT build Definition
  • [CONTINUUM-2048] - Parallel Build Queue Name accepts null value
  • [CONTINUUM-2050] - Available Templates has "false" on top of delete icon
  • [CONTINUUM-2053] - Problem with french characters
  • [CONTINUUM-2055] - link to data management cli broken in migration doc
  • [CONTINUUM-2058] - Editing an Installation , page dont change
  • [CONTINUUM-2059] - Dont validate envirotment name when create installation with 'Create a Build Environment Installation with the name'
  • [CONTINUUM-2064] - Default Build Enviroment List don't show installations
  • [CONTINUUM-2065] - Wrong content in Other Changes Since Last Success section of build results
  • [CONTINUUM-2067] - Error while deleting project caused by SCM RESULT dependency foreign key constraint violation
  • [CONTINUUM-2072] - Take care of the platform's default encoding when building continuum
  • [CONTINUUM-2077] - Project Scm Root is not deleted even when you delete the projects.
  • [CONTINUUM-2090] - Stack Overflow error when preparing project for release
  • [CONTINUUM-2102] - Unable to configure subject line for email notifications
  • [CONTINUUM-2107] - Send on SCM Failure is duplicated on the Add/Edit Mail Notifier page
  • [CONTINUUM-2112] - Incorrect title page of Add/Edit Parallel Build Queue
  • [CONTINUUM-2118] - update code that checks isLocked() to also check isPasswordChangeRequired() as well
  • [CONTINUUM-2120] - Unable to build project after scm error
  • [CONTINUUM-2124] - NPE when building Shell or Ant project
  • [CONTINUUM-2126] - Edit Project Group moving a project to other project group fail
  • [CONTINUUM-2129] - ClassNotFoundException when using the XML-RPC client
  • [CONTINUUM-2130] - Unable to notify latest committers only
  • [CONTINUUM-2134] - Deleting a project group-level notifier with recipient latest committers prompts Are you sure you want to delete the mail notifier with recipient ""?
  • [CONTINUUM-2135] - Missing confirmation when deleting a project-level notifier from the group-level Notifiers tab
  • [CONTINUUM-2139] - Creating a Mail notifier incorrectly allows only spaces in the email address
  • [CONTINUUM-2140] - Some continuum objects are missing during backup/restore


  • [CONTINUUM-1321] - Improve error message when perform release fails due to missing distributionManagement
  • [CONTINUUM-1726] - Project description (as given in POM) should be visible
  • [CONTINUUM-1823] - Fewer notifications when Subversion server is unreachable
  • [CONTINUUM-2005] - Go the "Project Build tab" from the "Build Queue" page
  • [CONTINUUM-2020] - Remove the local repository column from the project groups page
  • [CONTINUUM-2027] - The i18n patch for zh_CN
  • [CONTINUUM-2028] - Continuum release prepare should use maven-release-plugin scmCommentPrefix configuration in pom
  • [CONTINUUM-2042] - Ability to control which projects build on which agents
  • [CONTINUUM-2043] - Release should happen on a build agent rather than on the master
  • [CONTINUUM-2051] - Add confirmation upon deletion in Parallel Build Queue
  • [CONTINUUM-2052] - Delete Confirmation Pages for Installation, Build Definition Templates
  • [CONTINUUM-2061] - Typo on Project Groups's message prompts
  • [CONTINUUM-2070] - add a check if project should build or not
  • [CONTINUUM-2087] - Viewing of working copy from build agent
  • [CONTINUUM-2093] - Documentation improvements
  • [CONTINUUM-2109] - [Roles] Change continuum-manage-purging and continuum-manage-repositories user role names to Continuum Manage Purging and Continuum Manage Local Repositories
  • [CONTINUUM-2125] - add security audit log
  • [CONTINUUM-2127] - Configuration for Distributed Build should be visible only if Distributed Build is enabled
  • [CONTINUUM-2136] - Show error message when build agent is removed or disabled

New Feature

  • [CONTINUUM-2054] - Ability to configure the scm comment prefix through the web UI for release prepare
  • [CONTINUUM-2068] - Build Agent group functionality


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