Release Notes - Maven Invoker Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 1.4 - HTML format


  • [MINVOKER-69] - Filter token "basedir" no longer interpolated
  • [MINVOKER-70] - invoker:install does not properly handle versioned dependencies
  • [MINVOKER-71] - Usage of <setupIncludes> can result in duplicate project invocation
  • [MINVOKER-78] - Throwing subclasses of java.lang.Error from hook script aborts main build with "FATAL ERROR"
  • [MINVOKER-84] - Staging of snapshot dependencies is incomplete
  • [MINVOKER-88] - Staging of existing artifacts from the local repository triggers transformations on them
  • [MINVOKER-93] - Filtering all POMs that are relevant to the forked build needs to consider child modules added by profiles


  • [MINVOKER-68] - Enable accessibility for non-public members from BeanShell scripts
  • [MINVOKER-73] - Support filter token @baseurl@
  • [MINVOKER-75] - Trigger further builds upon any indexed invoker property
  • [MINVOKER-76] - Have invoker:run generate report files to allow reporting on the results of running invoker
  • [MINVOKER-92] - Add support for show version option ( -V,--show-version)

New Feature

  • [MINVOKER-72] - Allow to configure network mode for sub builds
  • [MINVOKER-74] - Allow to specify alternative POMs during multi-module builds
  • [MINVOKER-77] - Add a invoker report mojo which display invoker its result
  • [MINVOKER-79] - Allow to easily pass data from the pre-build hook script to the post-build hook script
  • [MINVOKER-81] - provide a flag to skip the execution of all invoker steps
  • [MINVOKER-83] - Allow to configure different system properties for multi-invocation builds
  • [MINVOKER-91] - Decouple test execution from build failure
  • [MINVOKER-94] - Allow to skip projects based on JRE version or OS family


  • [MINVOKER-85] - Don't treat null return value from hook scripts as error

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