Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 2.5-RC0 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-1712] - Introduce DataAccess superclass for DataStore and generics on FeatureSource/Store/Collection, etc
  • [GEOT-1905] - unsup/oracle-spatial needs to clarify testData.sql


  • [GEOT-995] - Reinsert/remove "gt2-" prefix in all module name
  • [GEOT-1249] - Arcgrid reader only working with sample data
  • [GEOT-1735] - ArcSDE ROW_ID columns are being returned as FeatureType attributes when they should be hidden
  • [GEOT-1777] - Dead lock in CitationImpl
  • [GEOT-1933] - SelectSampleDimension fails to set destination color model is sample dimension do not have a transformation associated
  • [GEOT-1941] - Simplify filters before encoding them in SQL
  • [GEOT-1953] - Break unsupported modules down into profiles
  • [GEOT-1954] - Obtaining a FIDReader for tables without user or sde managed rowid fails
  • [GEOT-1979] - JTSGeometryFactory failure to resolve GeometryFactory
  • [GEOT-1993] - JDBCDataStore>>InsertSQL produces invalid Syntax


  • [GEOT-1357] - allow namespace to be specified as datastore parameter for property datastore
  • [GEOT-1608] - Do not allow to edit ArcSDE featuretypes with no primary key
  • [GEOT-1718] - Allow ArcSDEDataStore to edit the default version when a sde featureclass is versioned
  • [GEOT-1780] - Plugins coming from the parent pom (maven 2.0.9) can be removed in the pom.xml
  • [GEOT-1850] - Extend DataAccessFactory.Param to provide more metadata by extending the new Parameter interface

New Feature

  • [GEOT-1191] - FM Switch over to New Feature Model


  • [GEOT-1831] - ArcSDE uses different transaction isolation levels depending on the backend database
  • [GEOT-1957] - PropertyDataStoreFactory.canProcess prints an annoying exception when it should silently return false

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