Release Notes - Archiva (moved to ASF) - Version 1.1.1 - Text format


  • [MRM-584] - Newly created user cannot login
  • [MRM-631] - network proxy is always used when defined
  • [MRM-808] - POM snippet doesn't reflect correct protocol
  • [MRM-814] - Invalid cron expressions are accepted in Database Scanning
  • [MRM-850] - Unable to download from certain repositories, 403 Forbidden
  • [MRM-873] - repository groups - move up/down should not show when it's not possible
  • [MRM-883] - RSS syndication java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [MRM-884] - network proxy fails after upgrading to archiva 1.1
  • [MRM-888] - add notes on reindexing to the upgrade docs
  • [MRM-891] - Unable to use archiva as http source with maven-stage-plugin
  • [MRM-892] - Search for java classes and package names is broken
  • [MRM-895] - Archiva version doesn't appear on the footer when it is installed on Tomcat
  • [MRM-896] - classifier is appended to pom filename after artifact upload


  • [MRM-817] - Artifact information screen should indicate the name of repository in which the artifact resides

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