Release Notes - Maven Archetype (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0-alpha-4 - HTML format


  • [ARCHETYPE-161] - RemoteCatalogArchetypeDataSource don't allow to download arbitrary urls
  • [ARCHETYPE-165] - Update velocity dependency in archetype-common pom
  • [ARCHETYPE-169] - Archetype:generate Offline mode does not work.
  • [ARCHETYPE-170] - Generator does not handle dot files in module root directories
  • [ARCHETYPE-171] - maven-archetype-quickstart:1.0 is not configured
  • [ARCHETYPE-172] - calling mvn archetype:generate -DinteractiveMode=false still prompts user "Y:"
  • [ARCHETYPE-174] - The archetype is not configured error does not provide error details
  • [ARCHETYPE-178] - omitting the package in the prompts leaves an unhelpful error message
  • [ARCHETYPE-179] - repo1 is hardcoded into internal catalog
  • [ARCHETYPE-183] - Problem with #{ in filtered files
  • [ARCHETYPE-186] - local archetype catalog not correctly updated
  • [ARCHETYPE-188] - achetype:create-from-project goal does not generate new groupId and artifactId for new archetype
  • [ARCHETYPE-198] - Please Add The GMaven archetype to the internal catalog of the archetype plugin.
  • [ARCHETYPE-199] - Archetype plugin depends on missing SNAPSHOTs of Struts 2 Archetypes


  • [ARCHETYPE-57] - Support empty directory creation
  • [ARCHETYPE-138] - When create-from-project if existing variable is found escape the variable
  • [ARCHETYPE-151] - Add Myfaces Archetypes to archetype-catalog.xml
  • [ARCHETYPE-190] - Include local and internal catalogs in archetype:generate by default
  • [ARCHETYPE-205] - possibility to run a specified phase on newly generated project

New Feature

  • [ARCHETYPE-191] - Ability to filter filenames (rename files) during project generation


  • [ARCHETYPE-255] - custom variable filtered in created resources

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