Release Notes - Maven (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0.11 - HTML format


  • [MNG-1349] - openssl checksums are not accepted by maven
  • [MNG-2605] - Profiles in profiles.xml are active by default
  • [MNG-3139] - The skin does not exist: Unable to determine the release version
  • [MNG-3621] - site url inheritance broken for UNC paths
  • [MNG-3641] - Lack of error checks on profiles
  • [MNG-3701] - ClassCastException when building settings.xml with profiles that have activeByDefault set
  • [MNG-3719] - [regression] plugin execution ordering no longer POM ordered in 2.0.9
  • [MNG-3757] - Setting M2_HOME to nothing and running ant delets contents of the current folder
  • [MNG-3776] - Namespace misspelled in settings.xml
  • [MNG-3808] - Execution order of report plugins is arbitrary if inheritance is involved
  • [MNG-3810] - [regression] Null Pointer Exception when Activation Profile Property is Empty
  • [MNG-3811] - Report plugins don't inherit configuration
  • [MNG-3885] - Modules of Maven projects are deployed with Timestamp during reactor build when uniqueVersion is set to false in parent profile
  • [MNG-3899] - Inheritance does not merge extensions with same gid and aid
  • [MNG-3906] - Project-level plugin dependencies are in random order after merging
  • [MNG-3920] - Problem using velocity component
  • [MNG-3930] - mvn.bat doesn't handle ampersand in Windows user name properly
  • [MNG-3933] - Profiles.xml does not pickup OS family
  • [MNG-3940] - Interpolation of environment variables is not case-insensitive on Windows
  • [MNG-3948] - Remote repos defined by profiles outside of settings.xml are not used to resolve parent POMs
  • [MNG-4023] - Profiles from parent POM are injected multiple times if parent is part of reactor build
  • [MNG-4084] - Unnecessary Warning for an activate profile in child project


  • [MNG-1830] - add a 'compiled on <timestamp>' label when maven 2 is invoked with --version option
  • [MNG-3451] - Add german translation
  • [MNG-3509] - Make "mvn -v" output locale/encoding
  • [MNG-3544] - Beautify debug output for mojo parameters of type array
  • [MNG-3787] - Add plugin version to default reports
  • [MNG-3794] - Improve error logging when downloading depedencies
  • [MNG-3795] - Add example <pluginGroups> snippet to conf/settings.xml in distribution
  • [MNG-3834] - Improve error message when dependency with classifier is missing version
  • [MNG-3867] - Support MAVEN_OPTS in mvnDebug script
  • [MNG-3951] - Hide drive-relative paths from plugins
  • [MNG-4037] - Include Java home in version information
  • [MNG-4057] - Propose checking of plugin artifact when plugin descriptor cannot be found


  • [MNG-2387] - <active> on <proxy> in settings is misleading
  • [MNG-4046] - Update to Doxia 1.0

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