Release Notes - Archiva (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0-beta-1 - Text format


  • [MRM-275] - add "remove old snapshots" Sheduler


  • [MRM-326] - Adding/Editing repositories doesn't have validation
  • [MRM-329] - The Reports link gives an HTTP 500
  • [MRM-347] - Undefined ${appserver.home} and ${appserver.base}
  • [MRM-373] - Unable to delete the pre-configured example network proxy
  • [MRM-425] - Search and Browse do not work for snapshots
  • [MRM-426] - Search does not work for snapshots because of different version values in index and database when the snapshot version is unique
  • [MRM-429] - Find Artifact does not work when the applet is disabled
  • [MRM-430] - Archiva always writes to ~/.m2/archiva.xml
  • [MRM-447] - resolve jasper licensing issue by separating into a profile
  • [MRM-451] - regression: editing a repository on first creation of ~/.m2/archiva.xml doesn't call change listeners


  • [MRM-143] - improve error reporting on corrupt jars, poms, etc
  • [MRM-290] - Ability to pre-configure the Jetty port in conf/plexus.xml
  • [MRM-412] - Add support for maven1 (legacy) request to access a maven2 (default layout) repo
  • [MRM-446] - find artifact / search by checksum is not working

New Feature

  • [MRM-294] - Repository purge feature for snapshots

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