Release Notes - Maven Ear Plugin - Version 2.3.2 - HTML format


  • [MEAR-70] - loader-repository node for jboss configuration
  • [MEAR-79] - generated application.xml is empty (0 bytes) if <generatedDescriptorLocation> is redefined
  • [MEAR-82] - From version 2.3 on, resources are not always copied to the EAR structure
  • [MEAR-94] - Synchronize module releases and documentation releases
  • [MEAR-96] - earSourceExcludes does not work for jar dependency filtering like warSourceExcludes / packagingExcludes for the maven-war-plugin
  • [MEAR-99] - Corrupted deployment descriptor if configured encoding does not match platform encoding
  • [MEAR-100] - Support altDeploymentDescriptor for J2EE 1.4
  • [MEAR-101] - workDirectory contents added to target/ear file.


  • [MEAR-78] - Library directory configuration
  • [MEAR-81] - Suppressing application.xml creation (and inclusion) completely
  • [MEAR-86] - Add a property to automatically add jars dependencies into application.xml (TEST AND PATCH ATTACHED).
  • [MEAR-102] - Support for JBoss 5 as well as some missing elements

New Feature

  • [MEAR-43] - add ability to do filtering (i.e. template var replacement) for files in src/main/application/
  • [MEAR-97] - Add ability to generate jboss-app.xml for JBoss 5


  • [MEAR-52] - Ability to add jboss dataosources (*ds.xml) files as a jarModule

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