Release Notes - Maven Eclipse Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.4 - HTML format


  • [MECLIPSE-108] - .wtpmodules with version 2.4 for javax.servlet:servlet-api:2.3
  • [MECLIPSE-109] - .component wb-resource source path incorrect for ear packaging
  • [MECLIPSE-151] - Incorrect name for test sources jars
  • [MECLIPSE-191] - Test org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse.EclipsePluginUnitTest fails on windows if the temp dir isn't in the same dirve as the sources
  • [MECLIPSE-198] - EJB version is not resloved
  • [MECLIPSE-215] - WTP 1.5 Documentation
  • [MECLIPSE-220] - Incorrect eclipse facet information when doing mvn eclipse:eclipse for war and ejb projects.
  • [MECLIPSE-231] - Clean mojo assumes that POM projects never have .project files - this is incorrect
  • [MECLIPSE-233] - Manifest attributes incorrectly treated as case-sensitive
  • [MECLIPSE-234] - [PATCH] EclipsePlugin.extractResourceDirs() reuses String method argument causing maven-eclipse.xml copy-resources problems
  • [MECLIPSE-236] - eclipse:make-artifacts should preserve the resolution:=optional directive
  • [MECLIPSE-237] - unsafe EclipseSourceDir.equals() method
  • [MECLIPSE-239] - eclipse:eclipse fails to find dependency org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-eclipse-plugin:pom:test
  • [MECLIPSE-241] - Compiler settings in pluginManagement aren't used in wtp facet
  • [MECLIPSE-243] - The last 2.4 SNAPSHOT forbid Apache Directory Server to be built
  • [MECLIPSE-248] - Tests fail due to incorrectly attempting to use released plugin version, not locally sandboxed one under test",
  • [MECLIPSE-255] - WTP Settings does not use servlet-api version defined in pom.xml
  • [MECLIPSE-263] - Project Facet 'Java' set to 1.4 instead of 5.0 in a Java 5.0 project
  • [MECLIPSE-278] - duplicated classpathentries
  • [MECLIPSE-279] - PDE projects should be considered java projects in all cases
  • [MECLIPSE-287] - Regression - fails to correctly construct classpath containing dependencies with classifiers
  • [MECLIPSE-295] - Eclipse plugin fails due to missing org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-eclipse-plugin:pom:test


  • [MECLIPSE-40] - Multi project dependencies should not require eclipse project names to be the artifactId
  • [MECLIPSE-207] - Add supprt for arbitrary facets, like JSF
  • [MECLIPSE-267] - Resolve version ranges in make-artifacts
  • [MECLIPSE-268] - [eclipse:rad goal] Make customization of servlet version, jsp version, ... possible through pom configuration
  • [MECLIPSE-286] - Ability to skip generated-resources/rad6 folder creation while executing eclipse:rad

New Feature

  • [MECLIPSE-65] - Add contextName parameter to eclipse mojo so a webtool context name doesn't have to match artifactId/project name.
  • [MECLIPSE-78] - create eclipse projects which are m2eclipse ready
  • [MECLIPSE-119] - Allow custom project name for eclipse projects
  • [MECLIPSE-189] - addVersionToProjectName property
  • [MECLIPSE-251] - Allows prefixing of eclipse project name
  • [MECLIPSE-271] - Ability to skip

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