Release Notes - Maven JAR Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 2.2 - HTML format


  • [MJAR-49] - Jarsigner fails on windows due to spaces in pathnames
  • [MJAR-50] - "Invalid Header" in jar's Manifest (Specification-Title attribute) when tab char in pom Description
  • [MJAR-57] - Specification and Implementation details missing from manifest
  • [MJAR-59] - Impossible to create empty entries in MANIFEST
  • [MJAR-75] - [PATCH] Wrong artifact type attached to the project by the test-jar goal
  • [MJAR-77] - Link to MavenArchiveConfiguration javadoc is broken
  • [MJAR-78] - jar:sign skip option does not work
  • [MJAR-79] - META-INF/persistence.xml excluded from artifact when index=true
  • [MJAR-80] - excludes is not working for maven-jar-plugin
  • [MJAR-83] - addClasspath is not respected for runtime dependencies
  • [MJAR-88] - use maven-invoker-plugin instead of maven-embedder for it tests
  • [MJAR-90] - when maven.test.Skip is set, the test-jar artifact is empty


  • [MJAR-30] - Allow includes/excludes specification
  • [MJAR-51] - handle signing jars which are not project artifacts and not "in place" signing
  • [MJAR-58] - Update Jar Plugin Documentation (more examples for manifest customization)
  • [MJAR-64] - jar:jar ignores command line argument -DfinalName=xxx
  • [MJAR-70] - Ability to skip jar recreation if any of resources are older than existing jar
  • [MJAR-71] - use manifest in classesdir/META-INF if exists
  • [MJAR-74] - Upgrade maven-archiver dependency to 2.3-SNAPSHOT
  • [MJAR-82] - Class-Path manifest entry should support maven repository layout

New Feature

  • [MJAR-84] - Need ability to not attach a jar when not signing in place


  • [MJAR-89] - release maven-invoker-plugin
  • [MJAR-91] - release maven-archiver
  • [MJAR-92] - release plexus-utils 1.4.9

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