Release Notes - Continuum (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0.2 - HTML format


  • [CONTINUUM-381] - maven 1 build does not honor relative POM filename in build definition
  • [CONTINUUM-401] - cannot delete project (stuck on 'in progress')
  • [CONTINUUM-441] - ConcurrentModificationException when doing build (maven1, multiproject:install)
  • [CONTINUUM-453] - Viewing 'Working Copy" for a project results in a null pointer exception
  • [CONTINUUM-454] - CLONE -build reported as successful on win xp even when maven build fails if continuum is run as a service
  • [CONTINUUM-456] - released artifacts don't include javadoc and sources..
  • [CONTINUUM-480] - multiple projet building fails on win32/ant
  • [CONTINUUM-481] - Continuum ignores .cvspass
  • [CONTINUUM-483] - Setting RUN_AS_USER causes startup script to fail.
  • [CONTINUUM-489] - When entering the url of a pom in: Add Maven 2.0+ Project, if the url has a port number, it does not work.
  • [CONTINUUM-491] - continuum does not take location of pom.xml into account when building
  • [CONTINUUM-492] - Notifiers should be optional
  • [CONTINUUM-494] - Unable to create schedule with year
  • [CONTINUUM-500] - windows client to windows server cvsnt connection: wrong cvsroot value?


  • [CONTINUUM-448] - improve performance of "show projects" page
  • [CONTINUUM-477] - Improve performance of enqueuing projects
  • [CONTINUUM-478] - Restore state of project when they're "In Progress" when continuum restart
  • [CONTINUUM-484] - Create specific build definition screens for ant and shell projects
  • [CONTINUUM-485] - Add a default build definition for ant project
  • [CONTINUUM-486] - Allow to modify default schedule
  • [CONTINUUM-487] - Allow for specifying the location of the Ant build file
  • [CONTINUUM-495] - Use quiet notation for Developers
  • [CONTINUUM-499] - Update for README.txt with an hands on chapter for including the Sun jars into the m2 repository
  • [CONTINUUM-502] - 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 migration instructions


  • [CONTINUUM-451] - jabber doesn't work with
  • [CONTINUUM-498] - The continuum build depends via jpox on jaas. This is included in java 1.4 and will reach end of live in March 2006
  • [CONTINUUM-503] - Refactor site like m2 site

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