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  • [ACT-915] - Allow buttons for CustomServiceTask properties that execute a custom class for string input
  • [ACT-1262] - Redesign ExportMarshaller interface
  • [ACT-1263] - Adapt base classes
  • [ACT-1266] - Split the ImageMarshaller from the Bpmn2ExportMarshaller
  • [ACT-1267] - Update documentation
  • [ACT-1268] - Announce API change
  • [ACT-1635] - Provide example extension


  • [ACT-633] - Filename, process name and title bar do not match after rename or copy
  • [ACT-738] - Exception when deploying a process with swimlanes
  • [ACT-762] - Check for missing activiti tables should be made more robust (use error-code)
  • [ACT-825] - activiti:out does not work in multi-instance
  • [ACT-913] - Activiti Designer: Problem markers show technical name instead of category
  • [ACT-972] - Expression language can't be changed
  • [ACT-1082] - Cannot close Workflow due to duplicate process variables
  • [ACT-1201] - No valid EE environment for injection of org.activiti.cdi.impl.util.ActivitiServices
  • [ACT-1231] - Adding index ACT_HI_ACTINST (EXECUTION_ID_, ACT_ID_)
  • [ACT-1257] - CDI Injection for process variables does not work correctly in call stacks including other processes
  • [ACT-1271] - Execution listener (end) is called (nrOfLoops +1) times on multi-instance activities
  • [ACT-1349] - Activiti 5.10 and mssql
  • [ACT-1519] - StackoverflowError when using multiinstance
  • [ACT-1632] - Business Rule support global
  • [ACT-1686] - ProcessInstanceQuery.involvedUser() can return duplicate process instances
  • [ACT-1745] - ProcessDiagramGenerator misses some diagram flow elements and truncates labels
  • [ACT-1785] - REST API for form data
  • [ACT-1836] - handling day light savings in Activiti
  • [ACT-1883] - Listener end event is not notified when compensation done
  • [ACT-2067] - Eclipse Designer duplicate xml attribute category when is add manually
  • [ACT-2190] - call Activity: calledElement not saved in XML


  • [ACT-45] - Add Spring support in a JTA and appserver environment
  • [ACT-411] - Implement a classpath change listener to manage a cache of CustomServiceTasks
  • [ACT-729] - Engine should throw an exception if it encounters a BPMN element that it does not support
  • [ACT-894] - Make the validator ID overridable and export BPMN20ExportMarshaller
  • [ACT-1217] - add throws Exception on method notify of interface TaskListener
  • [ACT-1240] - Add BusinessKey to BusinessProcess.startProcessByKey
  • [ACT-1261] - Reintroduce ExportMarshaller extensions
  • [ACT-1275] - Allow for a manually build process engine to be set to ActivitiServices
  • [ACT-1452] - Be able to use businessdays in calculating of durtion
  • [ACT-1472] - Change form field value from input to textarea
  • [ACT-1496] - Replace with GSON dependencies
  • [ACT-1500] - Activiti Explorer context: Get access to processInstanceId and executionId
  • [ACT-1774] - Start process synchronously and return result back
  • [ACT-1792] - Add field for last execution attempt for jobs
  • [ACT-1982] - Tasks assigned to users & roles in one rest api call
  • [ACT-2126] - multiinstance serviceTasks need real parallelism

New Feature

  • [ACT-309] - Add activiti bpmn extensions as stencilset extension to the Activiti Modeler
  • [ACT-432] - Terminate end event
  • [ACT-814] - Jumping to a Java Delegate / Listener
  • [ACT-838] - parsing support for text notation
  • [ACT-936] - Provide custom navigator for Activiti projects
  • [ACT-1017] - Make JobExecutor exchangable and add operating hooks
  • [ACT-1080] - Getting task variables for more then one task
  • [ACT-1089] - Add Like query for variable values (Task#taskVariableValueLike)
  • [ACT-1367] - Collection form type
  • [ACT-1395] - Allow to fetch tasks that are in a candidateGroup and that are already assigned
  • [ACT-1462] - add context data to the Error Event
  • [ACT-1598] - Support signal events
  • [ACT-1878] - Activiti Designer supports compensiteBoundryEvent and it can assosiate with a serviceTask
  • [ACT-1933] - Delete Identity Link from RuntimeService IdentityLink list
  • [ACT-1936] - Query Tasks by process category
  • [ACT-2178] - Support for External Groovy Script file in Script Task


  • [ACT-662] - Investigate Liquibase for multiple database management
  • [ACT-704] - Complete subprocess functionality
  • [ACT-779] - Move text couple of pixels down in button
  • [ACT-1594] - Remove deprecated Task-priority-constants

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