Release Notes - SonarQube Eclipse - Version 2.2 - HTML format


  • [SONARIDE-218] - Color Codes in Sonar IDE doesn't match with those on Sonar Server
  • [SONARIDE-225] - If force authentication is set, running local analysis does not use authentication and fails.
  • [SONARIDE-246] - NPE in SonarConnector during 'Open in Search'
  • [SONARIDE-252] - In local mode, the number of "Violations" is not the sum of all kind of violations (minor, major, ...)
  • [SONARIDE-255] - Comments displayed without newlines
  • [SONARIDE-256] - NPE when opening a locally created file
  • [SONARIDE-259] - Bundle org.sonar.ide.eclipse.logback causes deadlock


  • [SONARIDE-228] - Let the user create/edit some reviews directly from Eclipse
  • [SONARIDE-229] - Let the user flag a violation as False-Positive directly from Eclipse
  • [SONARIDE-243] - Description of license should be slightly corrected
  • [SONARIDE-250] - Ability to resolve or reopen a review directly from Eclipse

New Feature

  • [SONARIDE-233] - Ability to create a review directly from Eclipse
  • [SONARIDE-234] - Ability to comment a review directly from Eclipse


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