Release Notes - Tynamo - Version security-0.4.1 - HTML format


  • [TYNAMO-102] - Specify id for RequestExceptionHandler advice for preventing unintentional override
  • [TYNAMO-103] - @Security,, MetaDataConstants.SECURE_PAGE not honored by Tapestry security
  • [TYNAMO-105] - Warning is issued in the log file on every startup


  • [TYNAMO-87] - Redirects should honor localization
  • [TYNAMO-106] - Login screen background file (login-bg.png) is too large for the web - smaller file attached
  • [TYNAMO-109] - Allow Unauthorized and Login page to be a single page
  • [TYNAMO-110] - redirect to login page for pages secured with @RequiresXXX annotations
  • [TYNAMO-113] - Test for ajax in the AccessControlFilter.issueRedirect and issue a client-side "soft" redirect if so
  • [TYNAMO-117] - Add symbol for disabling redirect to saved request
  • [TYNAMO-118] - Store savedrequest into a cookie instead of session
  • [TYNAMO-119] - In SecurityFilterChainFactoryImpl, use componentClassResolver to resolve pageclasses to urls

New Feature

  • [TYNAMO-111] - Add support for SslFilter & PortFilter

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