Release Notes - Maven PDF Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0 - HTML format


  • [MPDF-7] - Relative images are not recognised in sub folders
  • [MPDF-13] - Copy resources from skin artifact
  • [MPDF-14] - Outputdirectory contains always working files


  • [MPDF-2] - Allow table of contents to break across pages
  • [MPDF-4] - Resize images to fit into the page
  • [MPDF-5] - Make layout properties configurable
  • [MPDF-12] - Make cover page configurable
  • [MPDF-15] - New parameter to generate aggregate document and individual documents

New Feature

  • [MPDF-9] - Use site.xml for PDF document structure


  • [MPDF-6] - Schedule and release Doxia 1.1.1


  • [MPDF-1] - Ability to use pom properties in pdf.xml

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