Release Notes - openXMA - Version 3.5.4 - HTML format


  • [OPENXMA-122] - Incremental build for presentation model


  • [OPENXMA-76] - By Services a return of an entity should not be possible
  • [OPENXMA-80] - Warnings in 3rd party plugins
  • [OPENXMA-153] - [editor] validate DataTypeParameters
  • [OPENXMA-192] - Inherited dataviews not supported by presentation model
  • [OPENXMA-193] - namspace problem with dataview attributes in pml
  • [OPENXMA-205] - Namespace problem with same named controls in different pages/conditions
  • [OPENXMA-218] - problems in guidesigner coordination


  • [OPENXMA-178] - replace ElementPropertiesExtensions with EObjectPropertiesAdapter
  • [OPENXMA-204] - Display form of domain values in combos should be parametrized

New Feature


  • [OPENXMA-206] - default action on a table should be doubleclick

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