Release Notes - Griffon - Version 0.9.5 - HTML format


  • [GRIFFON-453] - test-app pattern identification does not match sub-packages
  • [GRIFFON-473] - Event handlers defined in griffon-app/conf/Events.groovy lead to exceptions
  • [GRIFFON-474] - Griffon wrapper does not work on plugin projects
  • [GRIFFON-475] - Can't launch and application that makes use of the JOGL plugin
  • [GRIFFON-476] - Cannot install jogl-compat plugin
  • [GRIFFON-477] - Do not force compiler source/target levels to use 1.6 as default
  • [GRIFFON-478] - "griffon package" doesn't default to prod environment
  • [GRIFFON-482] - Griffon wrapper ignores any arguments set on the command line
  • [GRIFFON-484] - Griffon 0.9.5-rc2 does dependency resolution of plugins programatically which fails during compilation for plugins with incorrect dependency syntax
  • [GRIFFON-487] - NullPointerException when running an app whose name ends in "Controller"
  • [GRIFFON-488] - Groovy bug encountered ClassNode#getTypeClass in controller with public methods


  • [GRIFFON-483] - Archetype resolution should fail when --archetype is specified but not found
  • [GRIFFON-489] - Add a clean flag to compile command

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