Release Notes - Griffon - Version 0.9.2-beta-2 - HTML format


  • [GRIFFON-265] - CreateApp fails on Windows when fileType parameter is specified
  • [GRIFFON-270] - Full arguments are not sent to application when using RunApp script
  • [GRIFFON-271] - Launch script does not pass arguments to running application
  • [GRIFFON-272] - Can't launch application in webstart mode
  • [GRIFFON-276] - Jar signature fails verification when launch in webstart mode
  • [GRIFFON-279] - package-plugin command line prompt for svn password prints plaintext password to console
  • [GRIFFON-281] - View scripts fail to execute
  • [GRIFFON-282] - StackOverflowError when queryin a controller for its metaclass


  • [GRIFFON-278] - Switch application event handling to synchronous mode

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