Release Notes - Griffon - Version 0.9.1 - HTML format


  • [GRIFFON-156] - Application start fails if java.library.path contains spaces
  • [GRIFFON-184] - Can't install plugin with newer dependencies
  • [GRIFFON-222] - Environment is not set if script option is selected
  • [GRIFFON-224] - Event publishing can throw CouncurrentModificationException
  • [GRIFFON-225] - Griffon command assumes that platform is 64 bit
  • [GRIFFON-226] - Duplicate definition of java.library.path command arg when executing RunApp
  • [GRIFFON-229] - Can't run an application for which 64bit dependencies are not available (but 32bit are)
  • [GRIFFON-234] - Dependencies defined in BuildConfig is not used for test-app
  • [GRIFFON-235] - Adding a proxy results in an exception
  • [GRIFFON-244] - The Controller class is not accessible from the Model class
  • [GRIFFON-247] - Cannot run sample app: SwingPad
  • [GRIFFON-248] - "griffon package webstart" errors when "pack = true"
  • [GRIFFON-249] - BuildConfig.groovy environment settings not overriding catch-all griffon node
  • [GRIFFON-255] - Plugin information in applications metadata
  • [GRIFFON-256] - Application archetypes can't resolve plugins


  • [GRIFFON-160] - Better native library support on plugins
  • [GRIFFON-173] - JNLP/webstart nativelib support
  • [GRIFFON-231] - Delete zipped distribution once griffonw has successfully downloaded and boostraped griffon
  • [GRIFFON-239] - Refactor Artifact API
  • [GRIFFON-252] - Allow additional packages to be cleaned individually

New Feature

  • [GRIFFON-238] - Allow MVC artifacts to be written in other JVM languages
  • [GRIFFON-241] - Enable default imports of griffon classes
  • [GRIFFON-245] - Allow command line arguments to be passed to the running application

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