Release Notes - Mod4j: Modeling for Java using Domain Specific Languages - Version 1.0.0 - HTML format


  • [MODFORJ-72] - Generate toString() method for domain classes


  • [MODFORJ-10] - The new "find" keyword in the service model is not bold and collored
  • [MODFORJ-14] - File occurrs doule in Crossx
  • [MODFORJ-39] - Generate relative image file references in HTML documentation
  • [MODFORJ-65] - The new keyword ordered does not show up with codecompletion and is not bold and collered.
  • [MODFORJ-68] - not generated
  • [MODFORJ-71] - No import org.joda.time.DateTime generated when using mandatory datetime
  • [MODFORJ-82] - Rename references to helper classes to conventional names.
  • [MODFORJ-85] - For a boolean a getBoolean() is generated in the DtoTranslator. In stead of isBoolean().
  • [MODFORJ-89] - Genereted sercvice method may not cpmpile correctly because they depend on teh availability of other service methods
  • [MODFORJ-91] - Error occurs after first time using the Mod4j Eclipse wizard.


  • [MODFORJ-4] - Keywords abstract and final for classes are not used in code generation
  • [MODFORJ-16] - Javadoc for constructor parameters of Business classes show wrong datatype
  • [MODFORJ-20] - Make syntax consistent over all DSLs
  • [MODFORJ-23] - Placement of Dao and Impl files in different package
  • [MODFORJ-29] - Add posibility to use an OrderedSet instead of a Set for associations
  • [MODFORJ-31] - equals method in domain objects
  • [MODFORJ-49] - Generate 'toString()', 'hashCode()' and 'equals()' methods into the domain classes.
  • [MODFORJ-69] - Ordered association lacks method to use the ordening.
  • [MODFORJ-74] - Add indexed 'addTo' and 'removeFrom' methods to DTO and service layers.
  • [MODFORJ-87] - srcModelPath should be removed from
  • [MODFORJ-92] - The mod4j.project console only prints lines that are printed to the error output stream


  • [MODFORJ-2] - Write user manual for Service Dsl
  • [MODFORJ-5] - Write an abstract of the used reference architecture
  • [MODFORJ-7] - Change Smart-Java specific Maven configuration

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