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  • [GRECLIPSE-773] - [formatter] smart paste text containing multiline String should not change indentation of multiline string
  • [GRECLIPSE-1234] - Occasional stackoverflow error when editing .groovy files
  • [GRECLIPSE-1293] - Lombok fails to participate in Java source compilation
  • [GRECLIPSE-1372] - Maven test classes are visible to WTP
  • [GRECLIPSE-1388] - Content Assist empty for zero length lines
  • [GRECLIPSE-1389] - Invalid unused import warning
  • [GRECLIPSE-1390] - Organize Imports does not sort by type name ascending
  • [GRECLIPSE-1391] - Organize Imports does remove blank lines in import group
  • [GRECLIPSE-1392] - Organize Imports should remove implicit imports
  • [GRECLIPSE-1397] - Extract Method action fails when one or more argument is an array
  • [GRECLIPSE-1399] - Invalid semantic highlighting of static method declaration
  • [GRECLIPSE-1400] - Extra trailing space inserted after method completion with arguments
  • [GRECLIPSE-1411] - Groovy Script outline is showing variables declared in closures at the same level as the 'enclosing' declaration
  • [GRECLIPSE-1412] - Unable to resolve class in groovy scripts in different packages
  • [GRECLIPSE-1413] - Quick Fix: Add Unimplemented Methods uses @override instead of @see
  • [GRECLIPSE-1417] - Rename of property variant fails to rename the getter
  • [GRECLIPSE-1420] - Internal errors in Groovy compiler not reported in Eclipse
  • [GRECLIPSE-1421] - groovy-eclipse.jar breaks public class EmptyExpression
  • [GRECLIPSE-1422] - Content Assist displaying duplicates
  • [GRECLIPSE-1424] - Problems with FindSurroundingNode
  • [GRECLIPSE-1437] - Error while building the java-groovy project in RAD 8
  • [GRECLIPSE-1441] - Breaking change in plexus compiler api 2.9
  • [GRECLIPSE-1442] - delegatesTo doesn't recognize getters
  • [GRECLIPSE-1445] - Compile java source and groovy source in same output folder
  • [GRECLIPSE-1447] - @CompileStatic problem with annotation
  • [GRECLIPSE-1448] - NPE in GenericsMapper when more than 2 levels of inheritance with generics
  • [GRECLIPSE-1453] - Groovy 2.0 support for final release


  • [GRECLIPSE-1179] - Selectively run "safe" ast transforms as part of a reconcile operation
  • [GRECLIPSE-1357] - Add "Assign statement to new local variable" (CTRL+2L) quick fix
  • [GRECLIPSE-1378] - Support for Groovy 2.0
  • [GRECLIPSE-1387] - Editor support for Closure properties other than owner and delegate
  • [GRECLIPSE-1403] - Extract method initially prompts the user to "Provide a 'variable' name"
  • [GRECLIPSE-1406] - selectively allow some ast transforms to run during reconciling
  • [GRECLIPSE-1414] - Doc hovers do not properly show hyperlinks inside of @link and @see
  • [GRECLIPSE-1416] - Groovy Editor should offer variable name suggestion for typed variables
  • [GRECLIPSE-1439] - Make Grails Command Prompt respond to enter key on number-pad

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