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  • [GRECLIPSE-157] - Eclipse-BuddyPolicy: dependent in org.codehaus.groovy/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF causes classloader-deadlock
  • [GRECLIPSE-181] - Rename class does not change file name and rename file name (F2 in the package explorer) does not rename class
  • [GRECLIPSE-184] - Formatting produce errors instead of formatting
  • [GRECLIPSE-221] - Error in closure range calculaltion in for code context
  • [GRECLIPSE-265] - Rename class name refactoring broken
  • [GRECLIPSE-267] - [groovycbug] Raw type warnings for Generics cannot be resolved
  • [GRECLIPSE-309] - #!/usr/bin/env groovy confuses refactoring
  • [GRECLIPSE-312] - Source menu disappers when Groovy source file is open and focused in editor
  • [GRECLIPSE-359] - Source locations for java doc
  • [GRECLIPSE-381] - "<ctrl>2 r" doesn't work correctly
  • [GRECLIPSE-404] - Groovy Eclipse plugin breaks Scala Eclipse plugin
  • [GRECLIPSE-425] - Groovy menus not available
  • [GRECLIPSE-426] - Install size
  • [GRECLIPSE-438] - Code formatter causes "Internal Error"
  • [GRECLIPSE-462] - Project rename doesn't close the old working copies of groovy files
  • [GRECLIPSE-478] - Problem with Run as Groovy Script
  • [GRECLIPSE-491] - Inconsistent parentheses behavior with code completion
  • [GRECLIPSE-493] - unhelpful auto insertion of quotes when closing a multi line string
  • [GRECLIPSE-509] - .groovy files are not copied to classpath
  • [GRECLIPSE-516] - Hovering over a generated getter or setter and an exception is thrown
  • [GRECLIPSE-534] - Occasionally, groovy files open in java editor.
  • [GRECLIPSE-535] - Code completion error performing search for myClass.groovy spock specification
  • [GRECLIPSE-541] - Error when pasting variable into a groovy file with string-defined methods
  • [GRECLIPSE-544] - No refactoring for renaming files preventfiles from being renamed at all
  • [GRECLIPSE-547] - Class expressions are problematic for inferencing
  • [GRECLIPSE-548] - No navigation for super keyword
  • [GRECLIPSE-549] - Clicking on import statements in the outline view and the wrong piece is selected
  • [GRECLIPSE-551] - gjdk methods when accessed as a field are underlined
  • [GRECLIPSE-552] - Clicking on override arrow in the gutter does not navigate to superclass
  • [GRECLIPSE-553] - Fields and methods from super class are appearing in content assist where they shouldn't
  • [GRECLIPSE-555] - Problem with run as groovy script
  • [GRECLIPSE-556] - Elvis operator not recognized for inferencing
  • [GRECLIPSE-561] - Inferencing NPE
  • [GRECLIPSE-562] - File-Copy and Rename-File is broken
  • [GRECLIPSE-567] - Global AST transforms defined in same workspace (but different project) aren't run
  • [GRECLIPSE-568] - Error compiling closures at class level
  • [GRECLIPSE-569] - "Run As->JUnit" sometimes not shown
  • [GRECLIPSE-571] - Content assist for packages
  • [GRECLIPSE-572] - Support inner classes
  • [GRECLIPSE-576] - incorrect underlining in the editor
  • [GRECLIPSE-577] - Immutable ast transform using type class
  • [GRECLIPSE-579] - Handling transforms that break the rules
  • [GRECLIPSE-582] - Creating breakpoints in pure Java code takes forever when Groovy plugin is installed in Eclipse 3.5.1
  • [GRECLIPSE-586] - Problem with Refactoring of constants
  • [GRECLIPSE-621] - String delimiters auto-completion is broken
  • [GRECLIPSE-623] - When tried to do an update, gives an error: 'The operation cannot be completed. See the details.'


  • [GRECLIPSE-131] - Code Completion should use JDT for showing method proposals with argument names and generic types
  • [GRECLIPSE-188] - Proper completion of parameter names
  • [GRECLIPSE-368] - Groovy "Compile-All" Menu option
  • [GRECLIPSE-542] - Add Javadocs viewing like in JDT
  • [GRECLIPSE-545] - Add an option to disable parameterized type warnings
  • [GRECLIPSE-565] - Pick up libraries in .groovy/lib

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