Release Notes - BTM - Version 1.3 - HTML format


  • [BTM-7] - Resource password is not decrypted when using the API
  • [BTM-8] - Durable subscribers cannot participate in XA
  • [BTM-9] - BitronixTransactionManager JNDI reference throws NPE on toString()
  • [BTM-10] - Race condition in connection pools when lazily initialized
  • [BTM-19] - No effect by setting auto-commit to false on LrcConnectionHandle
  • [BTM-20] - XAResourceManager incorrectly checking resource joinability
  • [BTM-21] - Differing journal-file lengths cause BTM to fail to start even if skipCorrectedLogs is true
  • [BTM-22] - Resource rollback not handled properly


  • [BTM-4] - Implement incremental recovery
  • [BTM-12] - add maven support
  • [BTM-13] - Implement ordering of XAResource during 2PC execution
  • [BTM-16] - Transaction.commit() does not disassociate the tx from the thread
  • [BTM-17] - Set tx status to marked_rollback on timeout
  • [BTM-18] - Invoke XAResource.setTransactionTimeout() when a resource is enlisted

New Feature

  • [BTM-11] - Implement an embedded JNDI provider that allows to retrieve the TM and configured resources in a more standard way
  • [BTM-14] - Need the ability to have BTM invoke specific methods on JDBC connection upon return to the pool

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