Release Notes - RVM - Version 3.1.3 - HTML format


  • [RVM-916] - Rule missing in set_caught_exception (BURS)
  • [RVM-954] - @Target of @Pragma meta-annotation incorrect
  • [RVM-967] - Sticky Immix incorrectly tries to forward mature objects
  • [RVM-969] - "Comparison method violates its general contract" when building on OpenJDK 7
  • [RVM-972] - .hgignore ignores build//components/
  • [RVM-978] - parallel sweep wrong
  • [RVM-987] - Add a null check for the thread object to sun.misc.Unsafe.park(...)
  • [RVM-990] - Assertion failures in RCHeader makeUnlogged() when running unit tests on BaseBaseGenRC
  • [RVM-1000] - Strings from IcedTea 1.7 don't have count and offset fields
  • [RVM-1003] - fop (DaCapo 9.12) fails with NPE for input size small
  • [RVM-1004] - NPE while opt-compiling LogManager.checkAccess during bootimage writing


  • [RVM-962] - Initial pass over the source code to remove duplicated comments
  • [RVM-965] - Consolidate EmptyIterator implementations
  • [RVM-970] - This patch creates an environment to perform unit-tests both in the boostrap VM and Jikes RVM. Added a working example (ExampleTest).
  • [RVM-973] - Initial pass over the source code for cosmetic comment changes
  • [RVM-974] - Cleanup assertions in the RVM (add missing VM.VerifyAssertions, use VM.NOT_REACHED instead of false)
  • [RVM-975] - Updated JUnit to 4.10
  • [RVM-976] - Remove *Enumeration classes that were made useless by generics
  • [RVM-980] - Custom Test Runner to Distinguish Testing VM
  • [RVM-981] - Added Mockito to components
  • [RVM-984] - Don't run unit tests on the built RVM image by default
  • [RVM-1012] - Add memory barriers to implement JMM volatile semantics in PPC baseline compiler
  • [RVM-1014] - Move static nested classes out of BC2IR


  • [RVM-963] - Pettis-Hansen code reordering causes boot image compilation to be non-deterministic


  • [RVM-971] - Unit Tests for org.jikesrvm.util
  • [RVM-982] - Added JUnit Test and fix for org.jikesrvm.compilers/opt/util/
  • [RVM-983] - Added JUnit Test for org/jikesrvm/compilers/opt/util/ and fixes for the bugs found
  • [RVM-992] - Add remaining unit tests from the Google Summer of Code unit testing project

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