Release Notes - RVM - Version 3.1.2 - HTML format


  • [RVM-785] - handleHandshakeRequest should be called from enterNativeBlockedImpl


  • [RVM-364] - ant real-clean doesn't clean up fully
  • [RVM-675] - Chunk linked list broken on discontiguous space
  • [RVM-813] - Incomplete dependencies on .dat files when determining whether or not to regenerate sources
  • [RVM-825] - Replay compilation does not account for custom class loaders
  • [RVM-870] - Deadlock in RVMThread code
  • [RVM-897] - Default setting for numprocessors is 1. Probably should be all.
  • [RVM-899] - Deadlock when using ExecutorService with Futures
  • [RVM-900] - aligned32Copy can copy 8 bytes when number of bytes to copy is 0
  • [RVM-905] - respect volatile store semantics
  • [RVM-906] - GCspy version out of date in gcspy.xml
  • [RVM-908] - URL changes of dependencies cause build with Apache Harmony to fail
  • [RVM-910] - Download URL for JUnit changed
  • [RVM-911] - Missing rule for int_ifcmp module BURS
  • [RVM-914] - ObjectInputStream Deserialization does not handle Enum types correctly.
  • [RVM-915] - isAnonymousClass check in RVMClass is incorrect
  • [RVM-917] - A url for checkstyle 4.3 does not exist.
  • [RVM-927] - VMChannel.write will return wrong number of bytes written when writing one byte from a ByteBuffer
  • [RVM-931] - "malloc returned something that is in RVM address space" on Mac OS X Lion
  • [RVM-932] - Documentation refers to subversion rather than mercurial
  • [RVM-934] - Process @SysCallTemplate with Java 6 Annotations API instead of APT
  • [RVM-936] - Jikes RVM fails to build on Ubuntu 11.10 with undefined references in sys.c
  • [RVM-938] - -X:cpuAffinity not found in SystemAppCL
  • [RVM-943] - MMTk HeapGrowthManager heap growth ratio computation has discontinuities
  • [RVM-945] - incorrect compiler ID passed to notifyMethodCompile callback
  • [RVM-948] - start-time and end-time almost same in generated test reports.
  • [RVM-949] - Sticky MS performance compared to MS
  • [RVM-951] - Bulk copy optimization & compare and swap incorporation for Sticky MS & Sticky Immix


  • [RVM-300] - Only download checkstyle when needed
  • [RVM-432] - Fix GNU classpath build on x86_64
  • [RVM-903] - Update to latest JSR-166
  • [RVM-922] - Remove the build warnings concerning includeantruntime that since in Ant 1.8
  • [RVM-944] - compiler warnings while building bootImageRunner


  • [RVM-941] - Update release procedures and scripts for conversion to mercurial

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