Release Notes - RVM - Version 3.0.1 - HTML format


  • [RVM-651] - Add support to Intel assembler for REX prefix byte
  • [RVM-667] - Modify the implementation of table switch
  • [RVM-669] - Build/boot image runner support for x86 64
  • [RVM-671] - Fix spill location size estimates


  • [RVM-172] - Failing DaCapo benchmarks on PPC 32 OS X
  • [RVM-288] - Assertion failure in inline oracle
  • [RVM-318] - java.util.Scanner is unimplemented
  • [RVM-346] - SPECjvm98: Invalid runs should not be SUCCESSes
  • [RVM-410] - Problem with changes to stack walk
  • [RVM-440] - Poisoned tests failing in finalizer thread
  • [RVM-471] - Stack frame alignment broken for Intel on OS/X
  • [RVM-605] - Possible fix for FreeListPageResource.releasePages()
  • [RVM-606] - Problems with OSR guarded inlining of invokeinterface
  • [RVM-614] - BaseBasePoisoned build segfaults during VM bootup on pcc64-linux
  • [RVM-617] - DaCapo bloat fails with Apache Harmony class library
  • [RVM-619] - DaCapo eclipse fails with Apache Harmony class library
  • [RVM-621] - DaCapo xalan fails with Apache Harmony class library
  • [RVM-623] - Intel 16bit operations with immediate operands in some cases generate 32bit immediate operands rather than 16bit
  • [RVM-631] - Bug in new Finalization code
  • [RVM-636] - Crash in reflection during JSR-166 TCK
  • [RVM-643] - Invalid InstructionFormat usage in Simplifier, but real bug is that IR is semantically malformed
  • [RVM-645] - Bug in LiveAnalysis related to modeling of dataflow through Exception edges in the FCFG
  • [RVM-646] - Immix defrag broken
  • [RVM-652] - build failure on IA32 OS X 10.5 (Leopard)


  • [RVM-291] - Immortal objects with address based hashing should set their hashed bit during boot image writing
  • [RVM-443] - Avoid back references in java.lang.reflect VMXXX classes
  • [RVM-476] - Make lock allocation thread-model-agnostic.
  • [RVM-627] - Use java.nio for writing boot image
  • [RVM-632] - Space improvements of RVMClass.objectCache
  • [RVM-633] - Avoid the use of Reflection to invoke Object.finalize()
  • [RVM-644] - Reduce copying of char[] in java.lang.reflect.Proxy
  • [RVM-650] - Ask users to submit bug reports on Jikes RVM crashes

New Feature

  • [RVM-507] - Initial prototype of TuningFork trace generation in Jikes RVM
  • [RVM-515] - Make boot image writer traversal of object graph configurable
  • [RVM-517] - Reflection optimization
  • [RVM-528] - Support for eclipse-project with Harmony class libraries
  • [RVM-634] - Add RuntimePure annotation to indicate when a Pure annotation should only be respected at runtime
  • [RVM-673] - Implement Inline.When.AssertionsDisabled pragma

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