Release Notes - Fabric3 - Version 1.4 - HTML format


  • [FABRICTHREE-79] - XPath property expressions should respect namespaces
  • [FABRICTHREE-92] - Cannot inject properties that are arrays of int
  • [FABRICTHREE-192] - An optional reference, after promotion, is no longer optional
  • [FABRICTHREE-258] - No exception thrown when a promoted required reference is not satisfied
  • [FABRICTHREE-299] - No error reported if @Property not specified
  • [FABRICTHREE-424] - NPE when no schema types defined in a WSDL
  • [FABRICTHREE-425] - WSDL processing assumes element names instead of Schema types
  • [FABRICTHREE-426] - WSDL-based endpoint with no target URI throws an NPE


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