Release Notes - Maven Ant Tasks (moved to ASF) - Version 2.1.1 - HTML format


  • [MANTTASKS-173] - Value of is not resolved
  • [MANTTASKS-178] - artifact:pom task not working with Ant 1.8.0
  • [MANTTASKS-179] - Variables nested in pom.xml are not being interpolated
  • [MANTTASKS-185] - null pointer exception when caching dependency information
  • [MANTTASKS-187] - maven ant tasks 2.1.0 pom task no longer extrapolates properties
  • [MANTTASKS-188] - dependencyrefsbuildfile attribute doesn't work with absolute paths.
  • [MANTTASKS-189] - NPE when using scope="system"
  • [MANTTASKS-190] - dependency scope attribute is not validated
  • [MANTTASKS-191] - No explanation of how to use multiple Maven repositories to resolve dependencies
  • [MANTTASKS-192] - NPE when using remoteRepository with refid which has not been defined
  • [MANTTASKS-193] - POM properties aren't available as ANT properties contrary to the documentation
  • [MANTTASKS-195] - Cannot override central repository with my own



  • [MANTTASKS-172] - extend scope of 'result' variable in org.apache.maven.artifact.ant.DependenciesTask.doExecute()

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