Release Notes - Maven Ant Tasks (moved to ASF) - Version 2.1.0 - HTML format


  • [MANTTASKS-4] - System scope not working properly in Maven Antlib
  • [MANTTASKS-152] - Mvn task omit localRepository param
  • [MANTTASKS-153] - Properties defined in Ant are not passed to Maven
  • [MANTTASKS-155] - Dependency fileset should set the current ant project
  • [MANTTASKS-159] - Wrong credentials used for mirrored repositories
  • [MANTTASKS-160] - Wrong metadata files created for mirrored remote repositories
  • [MANTTASKS-167] - Generated ant build file should save version list for version mapper


  • [MANTTASKS-117] - Setting Maven user-properties not possible
  • [MANTTASKS-169] - Dependencies "verbose" option should be deprecated in favor of standard ant verbose option

New Feature

  • [MANTTASKS-151] - Support for artfacts that are 'classified' from birth
  • [MANTTASKS-156] - Add feature to dependencies task to write file paths to a file.
  • [MANTTASKS-168] - New task to write a pom file

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