Release Notes - Maven Ant Tasks (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0.10 - HTML format


  • [MANTTASKS-87] - Using a pom.xml for dependencies, in which the pom.xml has a parent pom.xml will cause a "Error downloading parent pom" error
  • [MANTTASKS-106] - Maven ant tasks artifact has maven inside the jar and so can't be used from inside the maven (maven-antrun-plugin) - classes do conflict
  • [MANTTASKS-111] - Support for SNAPSHOT deployment
  • [MANTTASKS-116] - NPE when install target is missing file and pom type is JAR
  • [MANTTASKS-142] - Default remote repository id not safe
  • [MANTTASKS-144] - "Error reading settings file" error is reported when settings.xml is deleted from maven/conf folder.
  • [MANTTASKS-145] - Dependency management doesn't work with pom and dependencies tasks


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