Release Notes - Maven Ant Tasks (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0.8 - HTML format


  • [MANTTASKS-2] - artifact:dependencies related error: No files specified for filelist
  • [MANTTASKS-22] - artifact:dependencies does not respect in the generated classpath the order of the dependencies
  • [MANTTASKS-23] - antlib:deploy doesn't set correct snapshot version
  • [MANTTASKS-67] - artifact:deploy - The name of deploying element in snapshot repository is wrong
  • [MANTTASKS-77] - <offline> element of settings.xml ignored by artifact:dependencies.
  • [MANTTASKS-78] - unable to download a dependency when it is a SNAPSHOT and multiple remoteRepositories are used
  • [MANTTASKS-79] - add XML encoding support for pom.xml and settings.xml
  • [MANTTASKS-82] - Environment variables are not resolved in settings files
  • [MANTTASKS-84] - VersionMapper does not work on SNAPSHOT dependencies where uniqueVersion="true"
  • [MANTTASKS-85] - settings config ignored for remoteRepositories not defined in pom
  • [MANTTASKS-98] - NPE if user settings file doesn't exist


  • [MANTTASKS-33] - Pass Ant properties for resolved dependency JARs
  • [MANTTASKS-80] - weak/Inconsistent handling of settings
  • [MANTTASKS-97] - add support for <mirrorOf>*</mirrorOf>
  • [MANTTASKS-101] - get pom properties values like any other element

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