Release Notes - Maven Ant Tasks (moved to ASF) - Version 2.0.7 - HTML format


  • [MANTTASKS-1] - dependencies ant task incorrectly handles transitive snapshot dependencies
  • [MANTTASKS-6] - ant artifact doesn't read settings.xml
  • [MANTTASKS-12] - No means of preventing ant task from querying
  • [MANTTASKS-15] - scp:// urls not recognised, even when wagon-ssh is installed.
  • [MANTTASKS-18] - filesetId does not contain all dependencies when artifact was not yet locally installed
  • [MANTTASKS-26] - artifact:dependencies filesetId attribute causes NPE
  • [MANTTASKS-65] - [PATCH] add central repository only if no remoteRepository set
  • [MANTTASKS-70] - m2 tasks not reentrant
  • [MANTTASKS-75] - [PATCH] NPE if loaded settings.xml does not contain <localRepository>
  • [MANTTASKS-112] - does not compile against Ant 1.7


  • [MANTTASKS-44] - bootstrap of components/trunk fails with ant-1.7.0RC1
  • [MANTTASKS-66] - [PATCH] add more information when Ant run in verbose mode (ant -v)
  • [MANTTASKS-69] - [PATCH] improve
  • [MANTTASKS-72] - Remove hardcoded groupId in install-provider task
  • [MANTTASKS-76] - [PATCH] update Maven Ant Tasks to Maven core 2.0.7

New Feature


  • [MANTTASKS-24] - Not enough diagnostics if failed to validate POM
  • [MANTTASKS-37] - The Dependencies task of Maven Antlib should override an existing path reference instead of failing
  • [MANTTASKS-73] - miss RemoteRepository sub-element for tasks pom and install-provider

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