Release Notes - GMaven (OLD... DO NOT USE) - Version 1.0-alpha-3 - HTML format


  • [MGROOVY-29] - Property resolving in the 'project' delegate is not working correctly when run from the Maven reactor
  • [MGROOVY-40] - The groovy plugin.xml extractor parses out .java and .groovy mojos, which causes duplicate conflicts


  • [MGROOVY-24] - When maven.test.skip=true skip groovy:testCompile
  • [MGROOVY-28] - Re-package all Groovy modules into org.codehaus.mojo.groovy
  • [MGROOVY-30] - Fix dependency injection of the plexus GroovyComponentFactory
  • [MGROOVY-31] - Add ant = new AntBuilder() to groovy:execute
  • [MGROOVY-32] - Maven ${} resolution of inlined Groovy scripts is causing problems with GStrings
  • [MGROOVY-33] - Allow optional handling of AssertionError (which is produced by Groovy's assert keyword) to omit evil stacktrace
  • [MGROOVY-34] - Hook up to the Plexus/Maven ExpressionEvaluator muck for property expansion
  • [MGROOVY-36] - Hookup AntBuilder's output to Maven's plugin Log
  • [MGROOVY-37] - Create plugin development guide for implementing plugins in Groovy
  • [MGROOVY-41] - Don't use the metadata parser for .java sources, the Groovy Java parser seems to choke on some valid syntax

New Feature

  • [MGROOVY-1] - Support mojo plugin.xml generation for Groovy mojos
  • [MGROOVY-26] - Add an archetype for groovy-mojo projects
  • [MGROOVY-27] - Split up the mojo support from the compilation/execution support
  • [MGROOVY-35] - Add fail() helper to GroovyMojoSupport

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