Release Notes - Maven Enforcer Plugin (moved to ASF) - Version 1.0-alpha-4 - HTML format


  • [MENFORCER-10] - EnforcerRuleHelper#getComponent() throws exception
  • [MENFORCER-12] - enforce-once still runs in each child pom
  • [MENFORCER-27] - Multi model project with enforcer plugin bug
  • [MENFORCER-37] - 'noSnapshots' rule do not check version of parent
  • [MENFORCER-45] - does not detect version for plugin configured in profiles


  • [MENFORCER-11] - enforce-once causes MNG-2277 to be expressed in reactor builds. Find a way to work around it.
  • [MENFORCER-18] - Bean shell enforcer swallows message
  • [MENFORCER-21] - allow includes to fine tune excludes in bannedDependencies
  • [MENFORCER-38] - Enforcer rules for AlwaysPass and AlwaysFail
  • [MENFORCER-43] - RequireReleaseDeps - allow to execute "onlyWhenRelease"
  • [MENFORCER-44] - the banSnapshot option in requirePluginVersions should distinguish "SNAPSHOT" and timestamps
  • [MENFORCER-46] - include feature of sizewatch-plugin into enforcer plugin

New Feature

  • [MENFORCER-15] - add a rule to enforce that all plugins have a declared version
  • [MENFORCER-17] - add a new rule to enforce that no repositories are defined in the poms.
  • [MENFORCER-22] - create a rule to check the current project is not a snapshot
  • [MENFORCER-24] - create a rule to check that certain profiles are activated.


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