Release Notes - Grails Plugins - Version Grails-Spring-Security-Core 1.1 - HTML format


  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2366] - Default LoginController does not handle failed AJAX login correctly
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2373] - Services not injected to User domain class
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2413] - Setting registerLoggerListener set to true results in MissingPropertyException
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2470] - Incorrect property _log in GormPersistentTokenRepository.groovy
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2505] - filter setup breaks functional tests: "'openIDAuthenticationFilter' is already registered"
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2593] - Spring Security Core Plugin cannot use secondary Datasource of Datasources Plugin
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2604] - The actual filterNames property differs from the documented one ('grails.plugins.springsecurity.filterChain.filterNames' vs 'grails.plugins.springsecurity.filterNames')


  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2354] - Reload changes to 'static map' config in Spring Security plugin
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2365] - Document /login/authAjax URL for unauthenticated AJAX request
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2368] - STS cannot infer available attributes from Spring Security tags
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2404] - Add getAuthenticatedUser metaclass method to controllers
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2643] - Upgrade grails spring-security-core from spring security 3.0.3 to 3.0.4
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2758] - Add better handling for misconfigured securityConfigType
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2759] - Add SpringSecurityService utility method to conveniently get domain class instance from authentication

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