Release Notes - Grails Plugins - Version Grails-Shiro 1.1 - HTML format


  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-1117] - Caught IllegalStateException in Tomcat 6.0 when accessControl is added to SecurityFilters
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-1742] - security.shiro.session.mode="native", setting of flash.message in controller causes a user to logout or invalidates the session
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-1900] - Class Loader Issue while running shiro's quick-start command
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-1955] - Exception thrown in signIn action when params doesn't contains required information
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-1980] - When using response code url mappings views and layouts are unable to use <shiro:authenticated> and other tags, exceptions occur
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2355] - Shiro savedRequest filter should come after the charEncoding filter
  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2427] - Grails Shiro plugin generates init-param targetFilterLifeCycle 2 times in web.xml


New Feature

  • [GRAILSPLUGINS-2600] - Provide a way to encode passwords using same algorithm as configured credentials matcher


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