Release Notes - MVEL - Version 2.0.12 - HTML format


  • [MVEL-158] - Evaluating to false result
  • [MVEL-159] - NullPointerException while compiling with strong typing
  • [MVEL-160] - MVEL is failing to execute methods with array parameters
  • [MVEL-161] - unqualified type in strict mode
  • [MVEL-162] - NullPointerException in ExecutionStack
  • [MVEL-163] - could not access property
  • [MVEL-164] - ClassCastException in MathProcessor
  • [MVEL-165] - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: object is not an instance of declaring class
  • [MVEL-166] - was expecting type: java.lang.Boolean; but found type: boolean
  • [MVEL-168] - Naked method calls are not working in eval()
  • [MVEL-169] - Behavior changes in the length of the variable.But this error did not occur in 1.2.22.

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