Release Notes - Jettison - Version 1.1 - HTML format


  • [JETTISON-36] - String values containing only decimal digits are serialized as integer values
  • [JETTISON-38] - MappedXMLStreamWriter EmptyStackException
  • [JETTISON-40] - String are cast to number for ex. " 1" or "01" is saved as number 1.
  • [JETTISON-46] - serializeAsArray handling is incorrect.
  • [JETTISON-47] - MappedXmlStreamReader does not properly handle array values
  • [JETTISON-48] - Jettison Mapped Convention - Issue with element occurring after an array element
  • [JETTISON-50] - MappedXMLStreamReader.getElementText() does not advance the event type to the CLOSE position
  • [JETTISON-63] - An element of an array cannot contain another array as value of its first key (bug in MappedXMLStreamWriter)
  • [JETTISON-66] - Jettison source files with "The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil" in license header


  • [JETTISON-51] - Allow attribute key to be set in Mapped Convention
  • [JETTISON-52] - Allow attribute key to be set in Mapped Convention
  • [JETTISON-67] - Package Jettison as OSGi bundle

New Feature

  • [JETTISON-2] - Don't force attributes to have @ if users doesn't want them too

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