Release Notes - Trails - Version 1.2.2 - HTML format


  • [TRAILS-129] - Reference Property Descriptors need refactoring for natural TrailsPagesService operation
  • [TRAILS-139] - Blob Download Component crashes the app if noimage.jpg does not live in the context images dir
  • [TRAILS-147] - clientValidation can't be enabled
  • [TRAILS-152] - When using AssignedIds if a new object repeats an already existing pk, the new object overwrites the old one.
  • [TRAILS-157] - BACK button on browser does not pop CallbackStack
  • [TRAILS-163] - Persistence Service incomplete, lacks coherent OneToOne support
  • [TRAILS-166] - Remove child elements
  • [TRAILS-167] - PropertyDescriptor not working with index attribute.


  • [TRAILS-72] - ObjectTable should offer standard select-all column with delete/new buttons at base/top
  • [TRAILS-73] - Collection Editor should offer standard select-all column with select-all/unselect-all buttons at base
  • [TRAILS-89] - Trails form components need to properly implement IFormComponent in order to interact correctly with the container form
  • [TRAILS-96] - create new descriptorextensions to hold the security restrictions metadata.
  • [TRAILS-110] - Improve LogoutService to make it work with complex Acegi configuration.
  • [TRAILS-122] - separate the "core" from T4 dependencies
  • [TRAILS-174] - Contribute builders to BuilderDirector

New Feature

  • [TRAILS-71] - SelectionModelRadioGroup
  • [TRAILS-88] - Generic POJO gallery - user interface with auto-paging like ObjectTable but not a table
  • [TRAILS-97] - Trails needs a Wizard User Interface

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