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  • [JRUBY-767] - next in an eval should produce a local jump error
  • [JRUBY-1505] - Solidify public APIs separate from those that might change
  • [JRUBY-1852] - define_method methods do not JIT and are generally slower unless the code that contains them is compiled before they are defined
  • [JRUBY-2411] - org.jruby.util.collections.IdentitySet appears to be unused
  • [JRUBY-2748] - Can't subclass a Java class that calls an abstract function in its constructor
  • [JRUBY-3086] - Constant caching could hold objects longer than their referenced lifetime
  • [JRUBY-3087] - Method caches are hard references, could keep methods and their associated modules/classes alive
  • [JRUBY-3286] - Java extension (JAR) not required if using an absolute path
  • [JRUBY-3355] - JRuby slower (25-100%) than Ruby 1.9 running prawns png_type_6.rb benchmark
  • [JRUBY-3604] - [1.9] Readline.input= and Readline.output= are empty implementations
  • [JRUBY-3770] - update_rubygems installs gem as jgem and gives it the wrong #! (shebang) line
  • [JRUBY-3983] - Nailgun server sometimes refuses to exit or release resources
  • [JRUBY-5106] - java private methods are accessible
  • [JRUBY-5284] - Create full Exception hierarchy in Java types
  • [JRUBY-5521] - Working director for ant Rake task
  • [JRUBY-6499] - Block arg splat bug from rubicon tests
  • [JRUBY-6807] - Disable persistent proxies (ObjectProxyCache) by default
  • [JRUBY-6911] - JRuby version given by org.jruby.runtime.Constants::VERSION and jruby-jars gem version should be identical


  • [JRUBY-3337] - Eliminate RubyClass stack based on Evan Phoenix's explorations
  • [JRUBY-3635] - JRuby Command Prefix Should Be Consistent
  • [JRUBY-5321] - RubyHash generification - refactoring of internal implementation to make it backed by Java's Map
  • [JRUBY-6445] - Allow a way to resolve interface methods from with Ruby proxy modules

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